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The industries in which we operate and the product applications we have are extensive and here we provide a sector by sector breakdown. For a more specific solution please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


Principal Applications

SpinClean / Spin Klin water filtration

Also known in industry as Spin-Clean or Spin Klin, this is an extremely flexible depth filter technology which is versatile in its application. The filter technology supplied by Industrial Purification Systems (IPS) is modular and comes in 4 basic sizes to cater for flow rates from 2m3/hr upwards. With the recent introduction of the new Super Galaxy very large flows can be accommodated with a minimum of space.

SpinClean offers filtration grades from 15 -400 micron and can be invaluable for the protection of heat exchangers and water fed cooling systems. It is also eminently suitable for sea water duty due to the all plastic construction option,  whether for direct cooling,  make-up water for cooling towers,  bilge water or pre-filtration desalination membrane applications. SpinClean is also one of the few technologies that can both remove and then effectively backwash Zebra mussels and their seed from a water system.

Available in epoxy coated carbon steel, stainless steel (DWI approved) or all plastic construction this technology can be used for applications where there is a requirement for high solids challenges and variable solids loadings resulting in a high quality of process water. The technology is available for operating pressure from 1.5 barg to 10 barg and, due to its unique modular design, it can be accommodated within a small footprint when compared with other technologies.

The filtration concept uses a grooved disk to provide high efficiency depth filtration and excellent particle retention of even deformable solids and fibres. The test of any filter system is its backwash process; total separation of the filter disks in combination with a spinning action ensure effective release of trapped particulate time after time.

In particular, this technology has been very successful in the plastic extrusion industry with over 94% of the UK capacity using this system on both small and large water systems. Systems using SpinClean in this industry range in from 6 m3/hr to over 650 m3/hr, with filtration grade of either 20 or 50 micron.

SpinClean filtration technology is proven in:

SpinClean is used in the following industries and applications: Automotive; Brewing & Distilling; Chemical & Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing; Commercial Offices/Hotel & Leisure; Potable Water Production; Municipal waste water treatment; Industrial Waste Water; Paper & Textiles; Food & Beverage; Plastic Extrusion & Mouldings; Power Generation/Nuclear; Steel & Mining, precious metals.




SpinClean is used in the following industries and applications:



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