Power Generation

The industries in which we operate and the product applications we have are extensive and here we provide a sector by sector breakdown. For a more specific solution please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


Principal Applications

Power Generation


Power generation can mean many technologies from a simple coal fired plants to the latest generation of nuclear power plants, and we have supplied many systems for varied applications in this sector.

When evaporative cooling towers are used, the drop in plant efficiency is normally put down to the pumps or fans consuming a lot of power and accepted as the norm. As a matter of fact, efficiency is also dropping due to the reduction of heat transfer efficiency through contaminants collected in the water. Effective removal of these particles can actually boost efficiency and reduce the risk of biological contamination. Side stream filtration correctly applied can reduce chemical costs and improve efficiency.

Many plant take river water for both steam generation and cooling water make up, the quality of water drawn from river will vary on location, climatic considerations and up stream inputs ( such as effluent plant and other industrial users)The use of SpinClean in combination with the CrossFlow media filtration micron technology can reduce the load on the conventional RO plants, thereby reducing costs and increasing membrane life.

Traditional coal fired plants carry huge stock of coal, generally the environment has to be protected from the waste run off from coal field during periods of heavy rain. This coal laden water cannot be returned to the river without the removal of the coal and this can easily be achieved by the use of the GDS drum filter system

In Nuclear power plants many of the above applications exist, but in many cases the water source is not river but sea water, which in itself present a new set of challenges. The SpinClean system manufactured in all plastic is ideal for these applications where filtration is required.

The filtration of sea water for pump cooling using two stage SpinClean systems is tried and tested application within the nuclear area, as is the CrossFlow media filtration for the removal of fine corrosion products from the cooling water within the reactor.

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