Plastic Extrusions & Mouldings

The industries in which we operate and the product applications we have are extensive and here we provide a sector by sector breakdown. For a more specific solution please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


Principal Applications

Plastic Extrusions & Mouldings

The plastic extrusion industry dictates that chilled process cooling water be supplied at a constant temperature, and in in large volumes in order to maintain profile accuracy, this is especially true for the window profile sector.

In recent years there has been significant capital invested in the need to achieve ever increasing quality standards to give the ultimate finish for the end customer. This requires surface finish on the profiles to be presented "without defect", any surface scratches collect atmospheric dirt and soon become apparent leading to dissatisfied customers. This in turn led straight back to the spotlight being turned onto process water quality.

Industrial Purification have supplied SpinClean filtration system to over 94% of the UK extrusion capacity in the UK, firstly to improve product quality, but it then became apparent that the insertion of effective filtration into the system reduced chiller failure, enabling tighter control on process temperature.

Cooling tower filtration, the removal of polystyrene from process water are all part of the filtration success in this sector. Other applications are for Pressure Screen filters, rain runoff filtration to name just a few

Our recommended products solve the following problems:


SpinClean (now installed in over 90% of the UK plastic extrusion industry)


Pressure screen filtration


Gravity Drum Screen Filtration


PBF filtration


CrossFlow media filtration



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