The industries in which we operate and the product applications we have are extensive and here we provide a sector by sector breakdown. For a more specific solution please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


Principal Applications


The chemical manufacturing sector presents its own unique set of filtration problems. IPS has a complete range of filter technologies that can provide the most cost effective solution.

Many chemical processes use large water volumes for cooling and often the most cost effective source is from rivers, canals or boreholes. Effective filtration using the SpinClean disc depth filter can ensure cost effective trouble free operation with reduced downtime and reduced maintenance for many applications.

For high efficiency heat exchanges, the CrossFlowMF1.0 sand filter technology affords the highest possible degree of protection enabling high heat transfer performance to be maintained. Filtration to this degree can also reduce chemical usage.

With ever increasing costs for effluent discharges, the re-use of process water for secondary processes can both reduce effluent costs and, at the same time, reduce overall operating costs. Even if process water cannot be re used the case for solids reduction can often be justified by reduced effluent costs.

Evaporative cooling towers can be made more effective with the addition of side stream filtration often resulting in lower chemical use with greater biological control.

Our recommended products solve the following problems:



CrossFlowMF1.0 sand filter

Media filters

Gravity drum filters

Kinetic separators

Oil Skimmers

PBF filtration


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