Water filtration systems in brewing and distilling

The industries in which we operate and the product applications we have are extensive and here we provide a sector by sector breakdown. For a more specific solution please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


Principal Applications

Brewing & Distilling

Within the brewing and distillation industry, source water can be varied and ranges from potable to borehole or river. Essential quality control can be enhanced by high efficiency filtration.

Within this sector there are also issues for reducing cost by the re use of waste water back into the process for alternative uses such as wash down water. Environmental protection is also on the agenda with the environment agencies tightening up on discharge consent limits. Filtration can often be a good solution for solids, and therefore cost reduction.

The removal of iron from borehole supplies, using high efficiency filtration, often without the addition of chemicals can improve bore hole water quality. This in turn extends the life of membrane plants by reducing the solids loading, whilst the removal of solids from effluent can reduce costs and open possibilities for water reuse, or at least waste minimisation.

Our recommended products solve the following problems:

 SpinClean -20 micron depth filtration


CrossFlowMF1.0 sand filter - 0.45 micron depth filtration


Gravity Drum Filter  - 20 micron surface filtration 


Pressure Screen Filtration - 40 micron pressure screen


PBF filtration- backwash recovery systems 30 micron




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