Sea Water In-Take

The industries in which we operate and the product applications we have are extensive and here we provide a sector by sector breakdown. For a more specific solution please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


Principal Applications

Sea Water In-Take

For many process industries along our coast and estuaries have used sea water as a convenient source for both processes and cooling. Unfortunately many experience the total requirement for filtration in order to make the water usable.


This depth filtration system effectively filters down to 20 micron and can be invaluable for the protection of heat exchangers and water fed cooling systems, these systems are available in all plastic construction which are suitable for working pressures of 10 barg, and so are eminently suitable for sea water duty .whether for direct cooling or make up water for cooling towers SpinClean can offer a robust solution

A special problem for both sea water and brackish water users is that of the Zebra mussel, SpinClean is one of the few technologies that can both remove and then effectively backwash these creatures from the system

CrossFlow media filtration sand filter

For more efficient process heat exchanges, and manufacturing processes , filtration to better than 1.0 micron is essential to maintain the design performance.  Many of today's high efficiency systems are based on "clean water " There design do not allow for progressive particulate fouling unless the client wishes to pay the huge energy penalty, and the extra maintenance required to keep systems on line. CrossFlow media filtration sand filter can be manufactured in carbon steel with high grade  corrosion resistant coatings especially designed for sea water duty

Self Cleaning Inlet Screens

There is a number of reliable self cleaning inlet screens were extraction is via a submerged pipeline rather than via a culvert (GDS system) these can use either pumped backwash water or compressed air to backwash debris from the filter thereby affording protection to downstream pumps, whilst acting as the prefilter for other finer filtration.

They are available as wedge wire or mesh systems with filtration down to 1.0 mm and are available in special stainless steels suitable for sea water duty


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