Don't Lose your Cool through poor process water filtration [read more]

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Principal Applications

Data Centres need efficient process water filters to exploit cold temperatures

The migration of data centres to the near arctic conditions found in places such as northern Scandinavian is steadily increasing as organisations seek to benefit from reduced operating costs.

Finland, Iceland and Sweden are all seeing vast data centres popping up, ready to exploit these extreme temperatures which can drop to minus -40 degrees centigrade. Such temperatures mean that operating systems can be cooled simply by using the air and water that nature provides. This is very advantageous as basically these organisations are getting free cooling.

However, any type of natural water source also comes with microscopic particles. If not filtered out these have the potential of cancelling out any cost savings by clogging up operations and causing expensive downtimes.

Data centres require high quality cooling water and often install high efficiency multiple manual cartridge filter systems that operate at microbiological levels of filtration to minimise the use of chemicals; they often also include UV (Ultraviolet) systems. To achieve effective UVT (UV transmission) and therefore effective biological control, very fine filtration is required to remove the suspended solids that shadow the UV process.

These cartridges are expensive and require considerable manual input to operate. It can be a considerable investment for data centres to stock replacement parts, provide constant maintenance as well as having to stomach ever increasing costs for the disposal of used cartridges.

Andy Evans, UK and Ireland Manager from process water filtration engineers Amiad Water Systems UK, said: "In an attempt to reduce cartridge costs we see many nominal 5 micron automatic screens being installed on the assumption they have a true 5 micron filter to protect the cartridges. We have challenged the performance of these filters as we believe that to state a specific micron filtration performance you must also support this with a statement of performance i.e. what percentage of the claimed micron removal capability will be removed by a single pass of the filter. The reality is 5 micron performance can be claimed as long as just a few 5 micron particles are removed in one pass of the automatic filter which, in terms of providing protection, is pretty poor.

"We have been working in Scandinavia over the past eight month to assist in the protection of these cartridges by installing high efficiency filtration technology as a replacement to the 5 micron screen. We are currently achieving 80% plus performance at 1 micron making it an ideal tool for this purpose.

"The first filter was installed in mid-2016 which had an immediate impact. We lengthened a typical cartridge life from 8 hours to 8-10 weeks which made huge savings.

"Based on this performance a typical return on investment of this filtration technology will be 6 months."

The technology being used is the Amiad DVF (Double Vortex Filtration) which is a new range of filters with patented technology which removes fine particles without the use of chemicals through its unique double vortex inlet. The DVF filters down to sub 1.0 micron to produce a supply of clean water that is free of solids and has a reduced bacterial count. It is also drinking water approved so the system can be incorporated in the most sensitive applications with the confidence of excellent performance.


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Don't Lose your Cool through poor process water filtration [read more]

Scandinavia is seeing vast data centres popping up, exploiting the extreme cold for free cooling. But poor water filtration will clog up operations causing expensive downtimes.

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