Cooling Tower Enhancement

The industries in which we operate and the product applications we have are extensive and here we provide a sector by sector breakdown. For a more specific solution please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


Principal Applications

Cooling Tower Enhancement

Investigations on cooling tower have shown that the quality of the water has a direct effect on the thermal efficiency of the system. On site tests in the USA have shown that filtration on a side stream basis to 10 micron can improve heat transfer by 10-15%.These test also show that the solids remaining in the system with 10 micron filtration are significant.

The use of side stream filtration can reduce heat transfer losses and improve maintainability of plant in the cooling circuit. There are a number of options to assist in this enhancement.

CrossFlow media filtration sand filter

This is the definitive sand filter technology to improve cooling tower performance, with filtration down to 0.45 micron and removal efficiencies of greater than 99.999% on recirculation systems , this is the best available technology, and gives significant operator benefits

SpinClean Disc Filters

This technology is less effective than CrossFlow but still has its place for this application. When solid loads are high, and full flow filtration is the recommended process ( generally solids generated by the process) the SpinClean is the most cost effective solution. The process generated solids can be removed  for the protection of the whole cooling system. When combined with a side stream CrossFlow the ideal partnership can be achieved. The SpinClean is effective for removal down to 20 micron

Pressure Screen Filters

For cooling tower which take the feed from high temperature processes such as in the steel industry, these are beyond the limit of the SpinClean range , and can be replaced by the use of the Pressure screen filter systems. Again these are generally used as full flow systems, but can be used as large flow side stream when the application warrants is

However filtration is only down to 50 micron and this single pass surface filter is not as effective as SpinClean. Again this can be used in combination with side stream CrossFlow to achieve optimum operational control

Kinetic Separators

This technology relies on the specific gravity of the particulates being present to be much higher than that of the fluid being processed, and as such they have little use on most applications. They are particularly good when high density solids are to be removed, such process examples would be

Gravity Drum Filters

Some applications can lend themselves to the inclusion of the GDS system, were the process water is flowing under gravity to a lower level sump, the inclusion of the GDS can reduce down time and reduce the solid levels within the water collection pit. This can improve system performance and reduce maintenance on the plant generally


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