Upgraded water filtration keeps Southbank Centre energy efficient [read more]

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Upgraded water filtration keeps Southbank Centre Energy Efficient



Leading water filtration specialist, Industrial Purification Systems (IPS), has just completed the upgrading of the water filtration technology used to enable Southbank Centre's air conditioning system to run on water extracted from two bore holes

Two years ago, as part of a major refurbishment of the Royal Festival Hall, two bore holes were sunk into the underground layer of water-bearing permeable rock from which cooling water was extracted for the cooling/heating system.

Because of the bore holes proximity to the Thames the likelihood was that the water would be slightly brackish.  Therefore, the specialist filtration system installed by IPS had to be made of specific materials to ensure compatibility and long service life.

The chosen technology, actually designed in plastic to handle sea water, offered a large filtration surface which meant there was minimal pressure drop resulting in lower energy running costs. In addition, IPS produced a custom control system that fully integrated with the clients building management system.

Importantly, being supplied in modular kit form for assembly at point of use ensured the future proofing of the technology should it be necessary to expand capacity. 

Andy Evans, specialist engineer at IPS said:  "This new system offered significant energy savings over conventionally engineered systems and has been running over the past few years with minimal maintenance.  However, last year the water flow requirement for the system increased to almost double the original requirement.

"Due to the modular design of the original filtration system the upgrading was simply a case of applying additional modules and making some simple control changes and took approximately a day."

Hilton Wells, Maintenance Manager at Southbank Centre said: "It has been important that we consider energy efficiency as well as our customers' experiences when visiting Southbank Centre. Demand for the Royal Festival Hall's facilities has seen the need for increased air conditioning facilities and we were delighted that the original filtration facility could be upgraded so easily and cost effectively."

IPS has over 25 years experience in the water filtration business. Its expertise is utilised to eradicate problems in the drinking water and process industries, helping companies to find solutions to some of the most complex production process requirements. Its systems are used in a variety of industries, ranging from food and chemicals processing and manufacturing, to the painting of motor vehicle bodies.


Industrial Purifications Systems Ltd can be contacted on +44 (0)1495 294500



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