IPS becomes sole UK distributor of Oil Skimming Technology [read more]

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Oil Skimming product now available from Industrial Purification Systems, IPS, North West water filtration company

IPS becomes sole UK distributor of Oil Skimming Technology

Water filtration specialist Industrial Purification Systems Ltd (IPS) has been appointed sole UK distributor of oil skimmer technology manufactured by German based Friess GMBH.  This appointment now extends the range of IPS's capabilities to include the effective removal of oils and fats from contaminated water.

IPS's managing director Steve Cupples says: "Oil and fats on water are very visible and increasingly this is becoming a major issue for water treatment companies and users alike. By incorporating oil skimmer technology we can reduce the effect of oils and fats on filters and processes further downstream.

"The Friess oil skimmer technology is very effective at removal and containment, and what is even more attractive is that the technology is very simple to apply, if it is applied correctly.

"Conventional mops or belts are fine for quick fixes. However, in our experience such equipment quickly becomes oil or dirt saturated and when this happens the pickup of oil becomes less effective unless the belt or mop are replaced, which is costly and very messy. With the Friess oil skimmer the skimmer tube is being constantly cleaned which ensures effective oil removal performance remains constant."

The oil skimmer consists of a continuous synthetic tube which has a natural affinity for attraction of oils and fats. This tube is continuously passed into the contaminated water where it picks up the oils and carries it to the skimmer head. The skimmer head is the drive for the whole system and consists of two drive motors and a set of wiper blades manufactured from specialised ceramics. The long life ceramic wiper blades are specifically designed to accept the recovery tube and "wipe " it clean of the oils and fats, the oils and fat  then drains into a receiver for disposal.

IPS already has several oil skimmer units successfully installed in the steel, food, glass and automotive industries.

"We are seeing an increasing demand for this technology across the UK," Steve explains. "It can be applied to so many industries that use water for processes which involve any oils, grease or fats which is why this appointment is so important."

The UK distributorship sees IPS stocking complete units as well as consumable spares and replacement oil tubes.

Industrial Purifications Systems Ltd can be contacted on +44 (0)1495 294500


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