IPS becomes UK sole distributor of the Acme ACRS Automatic Scraper Strainer [read more]

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Principal Applications


Industrial Purification Systems (IPS) has become UK sole distributor of the Acme ACRS Automatic Scraper Strainer. This meets the demand from heavy industry for filtration solutions that can handle large scale extrusion of solids from waste water, river, lake or seawater intakes for plant cooling water and process requirements.

Andy Evans, specialist engineer at IPS said: "This distributor agreement will fill a much needed gap in the UK market. Many screen systems are actually quite fragile and can be very particular about the type of solids they can handle. This can restrict the extent for which they can be used which can be limited to just polishing applications or policing processes.

"When applied, the strainer is highly effective especially where backwash strainers suffer from premature clogging caused by, for example, black liquor, heavy oils, wax, unprotected river water intakes and boiler waste slurries. It is also good as a first pass filtration device to protect filtration solutions that may already be in place."

This heavy duty pressure strainer is a motorised unit designed for the continuous removal of suspended solids from intake, process and wastewater flows. The unit filters from 75 micron but has no set upper limit with 15cm stones having been successfully extracted from a waste flow. It can also handle waste oil from the steel process, typically 250 micron filtration, and particularly nasty oils like Bunker C, black liquor and even liquid asphalt

Items which are a particular problem for cooling towers, such as Plastic bags, gloves and hats get shredded, or crunched and fall into the collector area.

IPS has over 25 years experience in the water filtration business. Its expertise is utilised to eradicate problems in the drinking water and process industries, helping companies to find solutions to some of the most complex production process requirements. Its systems are used in a variety of industries, ranging from food and chemicals processing and manufacturing, to the painting of motor vehicle bodies.





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