Second KTP Award for IPS [read more]

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Principal Applications

Second KTP Award for leading industrial water filtration specialists

Merseyside based Industrial Purification Systems Ltd (IPS) has been awarded a second Knowledge Transfer Partnership grant of £200,000 to take water filtration innovations to even greater depths within the field of water heat transfer systems.

Over the past three years, the first KTP grant has enabled IPS to work with experts at Liverpool University to successfully develop the most reliable high efficiency water filtration available for industry worldwide. This technology is now being used not only in the UK but in countries such as Saudi Arabia and Australia for the re-processing of sewage either for discharge back into rivers and oceans or back into the utility systems.

Steve Cupples, managing director of IPS said:

"This second grant is key to us being able to continue our research and highlights the importance organisations such as the DTI are placing on finding a solution to sustaining valuable water resources and at the same time reducing energy and carbon emissions. Environmental and production issues are of paramount importance to any industry, large and small, that relies on a clean water supply. The effects of our technology are already proving to be hugely significant as it enables businesses to take control of their energy consumption whilst reducing costs."

"So now we are now going the next step which is to research into the effect of small particulates, inherent in water, on energy efficiencies and in particular in heat exchangers and water chillers systems for process or climate control in larger buildings. The new KTP is to investigate this fouling process and the effect filtration can have on reducing energy costs and reducing maintenance."

Existing information indicates that normal process water will cause heat exchanger fouling within a relatively short period of time after installation; this will in turn cause lower heat transfer rates as the walls of the heat exchanger surfaces progressively foul.

"The losses in energy on many systems can be as high as 20-25% of total installed kW power not to mention additional costs of maintenance caused by fouling to valves and other controls," Steve continues. "We believe that by filtering water in these systems on a side stream basis down to levels not previously seen, ie 1.0 micron and below, then optimum performance can be achieved and maintained throughout the life of the system."


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