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Principal Applications

CrossFlow AMF Mobile Filtration Technology Moves to Where it's Needed


Almost all heating or cooling systems, conventional or alternative, involve water, and over time that water picks up particles which in extreme cases can silt up entire heating systems, requiring expensive maintenance, repair or even replacement. A build-up of solids no thicker than a human hair inside pipework can reduce heat transfer by up to 30%, drastically reducing efficiency, increasing energy consumption and accelerating wear in controls and circulating pumps.

For building services company Optimum, a specialist in heating and air-conditioning, iron oxide contamination within customers' heating and cooling systems had been the source of many maintenance headaches. To solve this problem the company had been successfully installing fixed CrossFlow AMF high efficiency media filter units.

Such installations had been very successful when dealing with accessible plant rooms. However, when faced with a heating system within a hospital that consisted of several remote individual heating systems which in some cases were located above operational areas Optimum needed to find a bespoke filtration solution.

Optimum contacted Industrial Purification Systems (IPS), engineers of the patented CrossFlow AMF to assess the problem and find a solution.

IPS firstly conducted an analysis of the contaminants within the heating system ensuring the problem was targeted with the appropriate filtration technology. They then looked at the problem of access.

Since filtered water remains acceptably clean for a practical length of time IPS designed a mobile unit based around its CrossFlow AMF technology. This unit could then be easily moved from one location to another within the facility and also coupled up to systems utilising only a few flexible hoses and a 13 amp plug top supply.

The mobile filter was delivered with an integral pump so there was no disturbance to the day to day operations. As soon as an individual system was cleaned up and full water circulation  achieved the filter could then be moved to the next problem area leaving the clean system to benefit from the energy savings clients see from improved heat exchange performance. This typically equates to a reduction in running costs of between 9-13% dependent of the material construction of the heating system.

The mobile CrossFlow AMF filter has now become as standard product line and has proved to be extremely effective and popular with numerous blue chip companies.



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