Airmec agreement with IPS for UK Defence Sector [read more]

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Principal Applications

Airmec agreement brings IPS patented filtration technology to the UK Defence Sector

Water filtration specialist engineers Industrial Purification Systems (IPS) has completed an exclusive agreement with UK based Airmec for the supply of IPS's patented CrossFlow AMF high efficiency industrial water filtration technology.

This agreement will see Airmec supplying the CrossFlow AMF exclusively within the UK defence sector.

Airmec ( is a leading air hygiene and water treatment specialist, providing comprehensive solutions and ongoing services to optimise air and water quality. The company is now using the CrossFlow AMF technology within its EssentialCare Vortexflow filtration system, which has been specifically designed by Airmec for use within the commercial water treatment sector and has already been successfully installed at UK defence establishments.

Steve Cupples, managing director of IPS said:  "This agreement with Airmec effectively opens up a broader UK water treatment market to IPS.  We have been focusing primarily on industrial, commercial and private sector users which IPS will continue to do; this partnership with Airmec brings with it an additional expertise and logistical support network needed to develop the right solutions for customers in this particular public sector market as part of a comprehensive water treatment regime."

Airmec managing director Andrew Steel said:  "IPS's technology is the gold standard in water filtration and we are delighted to be able to offer it to this wider market.  Early indications from initial installations show that, as well as protecting new installations, these levels of filtration and cleaning can also extend significantly the life of older, legacy water systems.

"The smaller scale that is generally required by commercial users means that we have been able to develop mobile EssentialCare Vortexflow units, offering significant savings."




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