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Principal Applications

New contract awarded to IPS by Mondi South Africa

IPS has been awarded a £200,000 contract by Mondi South Africa to supply water filtration technology to its Richards Bay mill in South Africa where it produces pulp and linerboard products.

The filter system will be used to treat recycled cooling water which is fed to the paper and board machine business unit. Currently, the quality of the process water being used is variable due to it being largely unfiltered and this has led to fouling of equipment, such as the heat exchangers, which has resulted in plant downtime.

Wayne Mundy, projects manager of Mondi's Richards Bay Mill said: "Process cooling water which is returned and recycled through our cooling towers, then combined with fresh make-up water, is the main source of cooling water supply to the mill process areas.

"Rather than filter the entire cooling water supply from the cooling towers, it was decided to install decentralised filters in the business units where good cooling water quality was essential.

The paper and board machine business unit was identified as being the most critical."
IPS will be supplying its SpinClean technology which is a modular filtration system capable of trapping particles as small as 20 microns and as large as 600 microns - about four times the thickness of a human hair - and is expandable to cope with volumes of water from 3000 litres per hour up to 20million litres a day.

Steve Cupples, managing director of IPS, said: "The contamination visually present in the water is a combination of bio-mass and mineral scale, both of which will attach to the inner heat transfer surfaces of a heating/cooling system. This contamination in turn will reduce the heat transfer efficiency, while at the same time preparing a good irregular surface for other contamination to build upon, further reducing the overall system efficiency.

"Securing such a contract is of major significance as an endorsement of the effectiveness of our filtration system. This technology can be shown to give real results quickly and economically and there are other benefits. It enables organisations such as Mondi to continue to deliver environmental and economic best practice which will see it saving up to 15% of its related energy bill.

"As experts in water filtration, we are making huge inroads into the application of systems that are impacting on industry world wide by way of cost and energy reduction."



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